Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees?
At L&I, we opt to provide a flat-fee for all services. We feel this straightforward approach benefits our clients in allowing them to plan their budget in advance and ensures that there is no conflict of interest when negotiating a home for the lowest price possible.

Following our complimentary discovery call, which allows us to understand your search brief and requirements, we will be able to provide the exact service fee.
Can I add the fees to my home loan?
It is quite common for clients to borrow BA fees as part of their loan. This option may be worth discussing with your bank or broker. Based on your loan to value ratio (LVR), BA fees may be able to be added to your loan. This makes sense, especially when leveraging against an existing security to purchase a new home or investment property.

We ensure that our fees are competitively priced and, if you are still searching for a home or investment alone after 3 months or more, the market will usually have increased beyond the fees that we charge.
How familiar are you with the local Real Estate Agents?

Very. We are confident that local sales agencies would recommend buyers to work with our dedicated team and we are privileged to receive many referrals from them. Being one of the very first BAs on the Central Coast means that we enjoy positive working relationships with the REAs and have built up trust and camaraderie with them over several years. They regularly contact us first regarding off-market opportunities which is a significant advantage to our clients. We allow them to focus on their client, the vendor, while we provide unequivocal support to ours.

How long will it take to find my property?

This will vary depending upon the search specifics; however, on average it takes between 3-6 weeks to find and secure your new property.

How many clients do you work with at a time and will anyone have the same search criteria as me?

The maximum number of clients we serve at any given time is 4.
We are devoted to our clients and consider it a privilege to be part of such an important time in their lives. By only working with a limited number of buyers at any one time, we can ensure that the quality of service we provide is never compromised and that we are available at any time to assist. We never take on overlapping, or similar search briefs simultaneously so that there is never any conflict of interest between clients.

What if my search criteria change?

This is a natural part of the property journey, and searches evolve. We are always flexible regarding amendments to your criteria in terms of exploring additional suburbs and types of property.

What if my budget changes?

Again, we can be flexible to ensure we can adapt our search immediately. Please keep us informed as soon as possible regarding any changes to your financial position so that we don’t miss out on properties that could be perfect for you.

How can you help me work out what to pay for a house?

We view over 30 properties per week, and as a result, we are up to date with price expectations and comparable sales in the local market to ensure that your final purchase price is an informed and educated decision.

I am still working out my budget and getting finance, should I use a BA?

This is a fantastic time to meet and select your BA. We can offer advice around location and property expectations, and make suggestions to help with your plans to purchase; however, we won’t commence your search, or get started until your finances and budget are in order.

I don’t even know where to start with my search as I am new to the Central Coast; can you help?

Absolutely – we are here to help guide you in terms of the best suburbs to match your lifestyle needs as well as budget and long-term investment plans. This is a key reason to use a locally-based BA team who understand the advantages, disadvantages and profiles of each neighbourhood and location.

Is the CC a good place to invest in property?

The Central Coast is a National Trend Leader in property growth and prices. And no, you haven't missed the boat. The vast majority of Central Coast locations have delivered over 8% per year over the last 10 years - growth rates that are among the best in Australia.
CoreLogic analyst Tim Lawless says it’s likely that the Central Coast market will continue to outperform the broader Sydney average, given that population growth remains strong, housing is affordable relative to Sydney and first-home buyers are active.

What makes you exclusive & independent?

We are exclusively buyer’s agents in that we never sell homes and only ever work for those purchasing property. We act with your best interests at heart and work solely for the benefit of our clients.
We are independent in that we do not receive any referral or commission fees from any third party. Any recommendations that we make are done authentically, based on the excellent work that these allied services have done for ourselves and/or our clients.

I’m interested to know more about working together - what now?

Please click on the “Contact Us” button and enter your details so we can connect with you. In terms of how we work at L&I, we love to begin with a complimentary discovery session, which usually takes around 30 minutes. This time together allows us to understand your goals in more detail, and also offer any tips, guidance or suggestions that we can in regards to your property journey before moving forward. We look forward to hearing from you.

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